G2 is providing design-build services for five bridges in a $160 million Calhoun County project that will result in 10 miles of the I-94 freeway being rebuilt.

Working with C.A. Hull, Anlaan Corp., and Fishbeck on the Michigan Department of Transportation’s I-94 reconstruction team, G2 Consulting will support the reconstruction of five existing bridges. As part of the effort, G2 is supporting the development of several temporary bridges and crossovers that need to be built to accommodate traffic during construction. Construction has commenced and is scheduled over the next two years.

“The Calhoun County project is a significant piece of the overall I-94 redevelopment effort,” said Jennifer Casey, P.E., project manager at G2 Consulting. “All of these highway/bridge projects are complex and each one offers its own unique set of challenges. The big challenge in this project is to deliver it while also maintaining a focus on regional mobility needs during the construction.”

G2 is approved as an “as needed” provider of geotechnical engineering services for MDOT. The firm has a breadth of recent experience providing various services on similar MDOT projects including I-75 Segment 3 in Oakland County, the Rouge River Bridge over I-75 in Detroit, I-96 Grand River bridge replacement in Lansing, I-696 Reconstruction, and the I-75 / M-43 interchange project to name a few.

“As infrastructure continues to be a focus at the national, state and local level, G2 takes pride in working with high caliber teams on marquee projects like Calhoun County,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., a principal at G2. “These are incredibly complex projects, but along with C.A. Hull, Anlaan Corp., and Fishbeck, we have the team, the experience and the expertise to anticipate key challenges and address them in an intelligent and efficient way to minimize short-term disruptions while building long-lasting solutions.”