G2 Consulting Group (G2) has contracted with the City of Novi as the latest Michigan municipality to join its growing portfolio of “as-needed” engineering contracts.

G2 works with dozens of Michigan cities, townships, counties and state agencies under as-needed engineering contracts that typically have multi-year terms. G2’s services are wide ranging, however are mostly centered on infrastructure where the firm provides environmental and geotechnical engineering and materials testing services on projects including storm water and sewer, roadways, bridges, utilities, dams and more to their municipal partners.

“G2’s mission is delivering ‘Smart. Results. Fast,’” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., principal at G2 Consulting. “We’re able to do that especially well for our ‘as-needed’ partners since we have a relationship in place — we know the people and understand their systems and preferred approaches. We’re ready to immediately jump in if there’s an urgent issue, or we can strategize with clients on the best ways to schedule and implement planned maintenance and improvements. It’s really a win-win.”

Without an as-needed contract, municipalities are left to create unique proposal packages for each project, then review the bids, determine if the supplier is up to the challenge, negotiate price, then educate the supplier on the existing systems — all before the work begins. Even then, there’s no guarantee of satisfaction.

“Municipalities face incredibly tough, complex engineering challenges. Our as-needed contracts are usually the reflection of a longstanding relationship with the client – we’ve proven that we can help their community with innovative solutions through all facets of a project’s lifecycle,” Smolinski said. “As-needed contracts are becoming increasingly commonplace as municipalities better understand the synergies they provide. Trying to find a new partner for each project is a crapshoot, and rarely saves time or money in the long run.”

Smolinski said that G2’s scope of work differs for each locale. Although G2’s individual project profit margins are typically lower compared to a one-off project, the firm benefits from the certainty of work and predictability which helps it manage its business. The efficiencies go both-ways. The client doesn’t have to navigate a cumbersome bid process with unknown suppliers. And, their as-needed contractor, G2, enters each project with a clear understanding of its goals and likely challenges both on the job site itself and in the broader municipal infrastructure ecosystem.