Mark Stapleton P.E., project manager at G2 Consulting Group, will speak at the 2020 MDOT-ACEC Partnering Workshop on a panel discussion titled “Improve your design of Temporary Earth Retention Systems (TERS) & Bring your A-GAME to Subsurface Exploration.”

The annual MDOT-ACEC event typically attracts 600+ attendees from the Michigan Department of Transportation as well as other public and private entities actively involved in building and maintaining the state’s infrastructure. The event will be held Thursday, February 6, 2020 at the Lansing Center.

Stapleton brings his more than 30 years of geotechnical engineering experience to the conversation which will introduce  MDOT’s new manual for design of cofferdams, sheet pile walls and soldier pile walls. Stapleton’s comments are geared toward the highly technical audience and will include explanation of the manual’s key points as well as practical advice and industry best practices to meet the new criteria.  Joining Mark on stage are  MDOT representatives Dick Endres and Ryan Snook and Dr. Stan Vitton, a civil and environmental engineering professor from Michigan Tech University.

“As with any technical manual, the devil is in the details,” said Stapleton. “Through this panel, my colleagues and I hope to clearly communicate the most important aspects of the manual while offering practical suggestions for real-world implementations.”

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