As Michigan’s winter turns to early spring rains, municipalities need to keep a watchful eye on erosion control and slope destabilization possibilities around rivers, roadways, commercial sites and any site where excess water and loose soil conditions could trigger unwanted soil movements.

G2 Consulting Group, a Troy-based leader in geotechnical, environmental, and construction engineering services, works with communities, state agencies, commercial property owners and homeowners on preventative slope stabilization designs, and, when necessary, remediation efforts to repair failures.

“Snowmelt and spring rains are the two most common causes of soil erosion on Michigan slopes,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., G2 principal. “Since slopes are common around important natural and made-made environments, it’s important to monitor and plan for a potential destabilization event, where soil can easily spill into waterways, onto roads, or even impact commercial and residential structures.”

G2 Consulting Group works with clients across all stages of slope management, often beginning with a risk assessment and analysis to help property owners identify problem areas. Slope stabilization efforts run the gamut, from easy and low cost to more complex engineering projects:

  • Slope geometry: When there’s available land nearby, one of the most cost effective solutions is simply to remove soil from the slope, thereby lessening the severity of the slope and the likelihood of a slide.
  • Water drainage: Since water is a primary trigger of destabilization events, drains and culverts can be installed to improve soil conditions.
  • Soil improvement: Soil conditions can also be improved mechanically through compaction, mixing and other remedies or chemically by adding cement or other aggregates.
  • Natural slope support: Plants, bushes, and trees can be planted, with their root structures significantly aiding stabilization while also enhancing natural beauty.
  • Engineered slope support: Ranging from simple netting and geosynthetic reinforcements to more complex implementation of anchors, piles, and retention walls, G2 offers solutions for even the most severe and perilous terrain.

“It’s impossible to reinforce all slopes in the state, and we know many city managers will wake up to news of a slope failure in their area,” Smolinski said. “In those cases, we’re able to respond quickly, assess the problem and identify remedies that make the most sense at the particular site.”

G2 Consulting Group has more than 30 years working on Michigan slopes, from investigating subsurface conditions, performing visual surveys of slopes, and providing design solutions to prevent and remediate slope erosion or global slope failure. Please contact G2 to learn more.