G2 Consulting Group (G2) has developed a comprehensive training platform that will benefit employees, clients and the company itself, and keep it at the forefront of the constantly evolving industry.

G2’s “Development In G2,” or “DIG,” is an interactive and transparent platform that consolidates employees’ training, certifications and prior accomplishments. It allows the company to quickly assess the best personnel to assign to a particular project, based on the highly specific skills required on the job site. By offering robust training and certification programs, DIG also offers employees a clearer career path, allowing them to pursue their goals in the engineering areas of most interest to them.

Today’s construction projects require a range of technical skills including specific concrete certifications, processes for deep foundation inspection, geotechnical investigation procedures, and various other building material evaluations, etc. No single person can do it all.

DIG represents significant investment for G2 and is designed to give clients peace of mind knowing that their projects are being managed by knowledgeable professionals who understand the very latest processes and techniques required for the particular assignment.

“DIG will help G2 as a company by teaching and reinforcing best practices that are critical to keeping our business at the top of our game. It will ensure that our field staff across the country always performs assignments using G2-approved methods, which are purposefully designed and continually scrutinized to ensure we deliver Smart. Results. Fast.,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., principal at G2.

The DIG system is a conduit between informational resources and the engineers and field staff. It also inventories each team member’s capabilities and certifications, so the company can quickly identify and assign the staff with the most precise and up-to-date qualifications for each client project. Importantly, DIG also reinforces G2’s approved methodology ensuring a consistent approach and seamless results.

DIG will be especially beneficial to G2 employees by making learning opportunities and certifications more frequent and more accessible, and career paths and advancement opportunities more transparent. It will ensure that staff continues to grow in knowledge and understanding of the business as part of their regular routine.

“In order to earn business and keep clients coming back, G2 continually invests in the best equipment to do the most complex jobs. What ‘equipment’ is more important than our own team of professionals leading the work?” Smolinski said. “At the same time, we have to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive job market. We believe the DIG platform will help us to be a better employer by offering tools and resources designed to help employees build their careers and achieve the skills they need to be successful. Simply put, it will make G2 a better company and offer tangible benefits for everyone involved.”