G2 Consulting Group uses the latest technologies and processes to ensure it consistently delivers Smart. Results. Fast. to our clients. Thermal Integrity Profiling (TIPTM), a state-of-the-art method of evaluating the integrity of augured concrete foundations, is one of those technologies, and G2 is one of the few construction engineering services firms in Michigan to offer this capability.

TIP is a non-destructive testing method that measures the heat generated by curing concrete to monitor and assess the quality of drilled shafts. By analyzing temperatures along the entire depth of the foundation, concrete deficiencies or defects can often be detected early in the process.

TIP testing requires Thermal Wire® Cables to be attached to the pile cage or center bar before it’s placed into the drilled hole. Thermal acquisition ports are then attached to each cable, usually added after the concrete is poured, to record the curing temperatures at a multitude of points at various locations and depths.

G2 Consulting staff analyzes the resultant data showing the relationship between thermal heat at various depths with regard to the total volume of concrete poured in the pile. If the average temperatures at depth remain consistent and in-line with expectations, then the shaft can be considered uniform in shape, quality and integrity. Higher than expected temperatures in a particular zone may indicated bulges or deformities, whereas lower temps typically are found where insufficient concrete quality or cross section reductions are present. Thermal Integrity Profiling can detect these anomalies which are usually present at multiple points along the thermal wire cables at the same depths, providing additional confirmation of the condition.

G2 has successfully used TIP processes on many projects in Michigan. Our staff are trained and certified to perform this analysis, helping clients ensure their projects are built on a solid foundation.