Allen Park Public Schools added 800,000 square feet of new construction to Allen Park High School, including a two-story, 650-seat auditorium with a full orchestra pit and a new natatorium. One of the district’s first steps was to hire G2 Consulting Group to perform a geotechnical investigation and to develop foundation recommendations.


  • The footprint included a shallow surface “crust” of stiff cohesive soil underlain by soft “toothpaste” consistency clay.
  • To address the site conditions, G2 designed deep foundations consisting of 90-foot long, 100-ton steel H-piles bearing on the underlying hardpan and bedrock, confirming capacity with a pile load test.
  • Adjacent structures needed to be protected during construction, including the existing school, a 50-foot deep sewer interceptor, and residences.
  • G2 performed ground vibration investigation and monitoring to evaluate and monitor vibration levels to ensure that no damage was done to nearby structures.
  • G2 also performed noise monitoring to verify compliance with local noise ordinances for surrounding residential neighborhoods.

Solving with INNOVATION

G2 designed an efficient foundation system to address subsurface construction hurdles, carefully monitored noise and vibration to prevent issues to the nearby community, and kept the project schedule on track.