G2 Consulting Group has provided geotechnical, construction observation, and foundation design and mapping services on over 5,000 communication sites, traffic signal poles, and light pole structures in 35 states.  Design recommendations have included straight shaft and belled drilled piers, pad and pier foundations, mat foundations, rock anchors, and helical piles.

We have provided foundation mapping services for free-standing, monopole, and guyed towers to complete a structural analysis of the tower when original foundation plans were no longer available. G2 developed innovative design plans and specifications to increase the load capacity of existing tower foundation systems. Depending on the type of the tower and foundation, more invasive procedures such as backhoe excavations, probes, and foundation cores have been used to determine foundation bearing depth and dimensions.


  • Perform geotechnical soil borings adjacent to the existing foundation to determine the soil conditions and strength parameters.
  • Probe and/or excavate at existing guyed anchors to determine dimensions of concrete blocks.
  • Perform non-destructive, low strain pile integrity testing to determine the approximate depth of the foundation and the as-built integrity of piers.
  • Perform non-destructive windsor probe testing to determine in-situ strength of concrete.
  • Procure concrete core samples from the exposed foundation to determine concrete strength.
  • Core to existing reinforcing steel to determine depth and type of bars used.

Post-Construction ENGINEERING

G2 is a leader in post-construction engineering for telecommunication sites, providing economic foundation and construction recommendations for any subsurface condition.