G2 provided geotechnical engineering services for Connor Creek CSO (PC-739), a Detroit Water and Sewer Department Wastewater Collection System construction project in Detroit, Michigan. The project provided for an 80-foot wide by 300-foot long retention basin to provide storage capacity of sewerage overflow. The overflow is stored in the basin until the wastewater collection system is able to receive the overflow, thereby stopping direct discharge into the Detroit River.

G2 provided the following services: Geotechnical Engineering, Geotechnical Instrumentation and Monitoring, Temporary Earth Support Design and Slope Stability Evaluations


  • Extensive excavation into soft clay deposits resulted in potentially unstable excavation bottom.
  • G2 provided instrumentation that allowed for early warning detection of basal instability.
  • G2 provided instrumentation to monitor structural loads in the earth retention system to monitor actual loads and compare to the design loads anticipated.