Geotechnical Investigations
& Pile Load Testing

Steel is a known commodity — we know how it reacts to loads, and we know how much it costs. Soils, however, are unique to every site. The less we know about the subsurface conditions and how they will interact with foundations, the more unnecessary steel will end up underground. Whether you are developing a 2MW facility or a +500MW facility, G2 knows how to maximize your return on foundation investment.

At G2, we understand the challenges of balancing design investment. A geotechnical investigation should be configured to meet the current needs, whether a solar project is in the feasibility, development or EPC phase. Not all testing and engineering is appropriate or necessary for every project or phase. We prefer to customize geotechnical and foundation testing and engineering services based on the client’s goals and the expected subsurface conditions, with an emphasis on identifying those services that will have the greatest potential to reduce overall cost to the specific project.

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Serving Clients Across the Nation

Solar Projects
25- 0
Range of Acres Per Project
2MW- 0 GW
Range of Facility Power Output

Utility Scale Solar Services


Field Testing

  • Soil Borings
  • Test Pits
  • Pile Compression, Uplift, &
    Lateral Load
  • In-situ Electrical Resistivity
  • In-situ Thermal Resistivity
  • Infiltration/Percolation
  • Shear Wave Velocity
  • Geophysical Survey
  • Drone Photography

Laboratory Testing

AASHTO Certified

  • Geotechnical Strength & Characterization
  • Soil Chemical Corrosion
  • Thermal Resistivity “Dry-Out”
  • Cement & Lime Mix Designs
Design Services-01

Design Services

  • PV Array Driven Pile Foundations (including LPile)
  • Gen-tie Drilled Shaft Foundations
  • Equipment Pad Foundations
  • Below-Grade & Atmospheric Corrosivity
  • Access & Maintenance Roadways

Meet the Team!

David Wanlass, P.E.

Project Consultant

David is our lead solar specialist and has been providing geotechnical engineering, construction materials engineering, pavement engineering, forensic analyses of distressed structures, and hydrogeology services for more than 38 years. David began G2’s solar department nearly ten years ago, developing our firm into a nationally recognized expert in geotechnical engineering services throughout the solar industry.

Jeffrey Crow, P.E.

Project Manager

Jeff is a leader within G2’s solar department and plays an involved role on the team, traveling across the nation to conduct on-site testing, managing and coordinating the solar engineering technicians, as well as providing final design recommendations. With his boots on the ground for pile load testing services in over 20 states, Jeff understands the logistics and coordination necessary for safe and timely field investigations.

Kathryn Crow, P.E.

Project Engineer

Kathryn is our firm expert and manager of all solar focused laboratory testing. While her primary role is to conduct soil testing and oversee laboratory technicians in the solar department, Kathryn’s experience ranges in everything from field testing to design analysis. During her eight years at G2, Kathryn has been involved in nearly 160 solar investigations equipping her to provide in-depth knowledge and insights to the team and our clients.

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