G2 Announces Strategic Investment from The Great River Company

G2 Consulting Group, LLC (G2) is pleased to announce it has received a strategic investment from The Great River Company, Inc. (GRC).  Through this investment, GRC will partner with G2 leadership to continue the establishment of an engineering services platform with a core focus on geotechnical, environmental and construction engineering.  G2 will continue to operate independently under their own brand and be led by their existing leadership team.  Together, the leadership teams will focus on organic expansion and complimentary add-on acquisitions.

G2 was founded in 1994 to provide geoprofessional engineering services.  Their philosophy is to create lifetime clients who value the expertise and knowledge of the people of G2. Clients represent the infrastructure, K – 12, telecommunications, power and energy, manufacturing, and commercial sectors of the built environment. While the company is entering a new phase of growth, the goal is to continue providing long term clients with Smart. Results. Fast. and our employees with a commitment to an exceptional work environment with personal growth opportunities.

The Great River Company, Inc. (GRC) is a Minneapolis based private investment company backed by business owning families seeking long-term investments across five strategic platforms.  Their investment in G2 reflects the belief the US built environment market will continue to play a strong role in the overall economy for years to come.

G2 Ranked Among Top Workplaces

G2 is honored to be included on the 2023 Detroit Free Press Top Workplaces in Michigan list.

Top Workplaces rankings are determined based on employee surveys that ask questions about workplace culture, pay, benefits, leadership, and what people like or dislike about their jobs. The survey is distributed by Energage, a Philadelphia-based employee research and culture technology firm that performs Top Workplaces surveys across the country. G2 Consulting Group was listed in the Small Michigan Top Workplaces and was one of just three engineering firms to be included on that list.

“It’s been a challenging few years with the pandemic and disruptions to the supply chain, immediately followed by huge federal, state and municipal infrastructure investment,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., G2 principal. “It’s hardly been business as usual and that’s what makes us especially proud to be recognized as a Top Workplace. We have a phenomenal team and are gratified that this independent survey reflected the culture, career pathing and compensation packages that G2 provides are helping to make us an employer of choice.”

G2 Consulting Group has experienced business growth over the past ten years. During that period, the company’s employment grew from 35 to 125 across its three office locations.

The company recently developed and launched its Development In G2 (DIG) program, an interactive and transparent platform that consolidates employees’ training, certifications and prior accomplishments. It allows the company to quickly assess the best team members to assign to a particular project, based on the highly specific skills required on the job site. By offering robust training and certification programs, DIG also offers employees a clearer career path, allowing them to pursue their goals in the engineering areas of most interest to them.

G2 Secures As-Needed Contracts with Michigan Municipalities

G2 Consulting Group (G2) has contracted with the City of Novi as the latest Michigan municipality to join its growing portfolio of “as-needed” engineering contracts.

G2 works with dozens of Michigan cities, townships, counties and state agencies under as-needed engineering contracts that typically have multi-year terms. G2’s services are wide ranging, however are mostly centered on infrastructure where the firm provides environmental and geotechnical engineering and materials testing services on projects including storm water and sewer, roadways, bridges, utilities, dams and more to their municipal partners.

“G2’s mission is delivering ‘Smart. Results. Fast,’” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., principal at G2 Consulting. “We’re able to do that especially well for our ‘as-needed’ partners since we have a relationship in place — we know the people and understand their systems and preferred approaches. We’re ready to immediately jump in if there’s an urgent issue, or we can strategize with clients on the best ways to schedule and implement planned maintenance and improvements. It’s really a win-win.”

Without an as-needed contract, municipalities are left to create unique proposal packages for each project, then review the bids, determine if the supplier is up to the challenge, negotiate price, then educate the supplier on the existing systems — all before the work begins. Even then, there’s no guarantee of satisfaction.

“Municipalities face incredibly tough, complex engineering challenges. Our as-needed contracts are usually the reflection of a longstanding relationship with the client – we’ve proven that we can help their community with innovative solutions through all facets of a project’s lifecycle,” Smolinski said. “As-needed contracts are becoming increasingly commonplace as municipalities better understand the synergies they provide. Trying to find a new partner for each project is a crapshoot, and rarely saves time or money in the long run.”

Smolinski said that G2’s scope of work differs for each locale. Although G2’s individual project profit margins are typically lower compared to a one-off project, the firm benefits from the certainty of work and predictability which helps it manage its business. The efficiencies go both-ways. The client doesn’t have to navigate a cumbersome bid process with unknown suppliers. And, their as-needed contractor, G2, enters each project with a clear understanding of its goals and likely challenges both on the job site itself and in the broader municipal infrastructure ecosystem.

Staying Ahead of Client Needs with DIG Platform

G2 Consulting Group (G2) has developed a comprehensive training platform that will benefit employees, clients and the company itself, and keep it at the forefront of the constantly evolving industry.

G2’s “Development In G2,” or “DIG,” is an interactive and transparent platform that consolidates employees’ training, certifications and prior accomplishments. It allows the company to quickly assess the best personnel to assign to a particular project, based on the highly specific skills required on the job site. By offering robust training and certification programs, DIG also offers employees a clearer career path, allowing them to pursue their goals in the engineering areas of most interest to them.

Today’s construction projects require a range of technical skills including specific concrete certifications, processes for deep foundation inspection, geotechnical investigation procedures, and various other building material evaluations, etc. No single person can do it all.

DIG represents significant investment for G2 and is designed to give clients peace of mind knowing that their projects are being managed by knowledgeable professionals who understand the very latest processes and techniques required for the particular assignment.

“DIG will help G2 as a company by teaching and reinforcing best practices that are critical to keeping our business at the top of our game. It will ensure that our field staff across the country always performs assignments using G2-approved methods, which are purposefully designed and continually scrutinized to ensure we deliver Smart. Results. Fast.,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., principal at G2.

The DIG system is a conduit between informational resources and the engineers and field staff. It also inventories each team member’s capabilities and certifications, so the company can quickly identify and assign the staff with the most precise and up-to-date qualifications for each client project. Importantly, DIG also reinforces G2’s approved methodology ensuring a consistent approach and seamless results.

DIG will be especially beneficial to G2 employees by making learning opportunities and certifications more frequent and more accessible, and career paths and advancement opportunities more transparent. It will ensure that staff continues to grow in knowledge and understanding of the business as part of their regular routine.

“In order to earn business and keep clients coming back, G2 continually invests in the best equipment to do the most complex jobs. What ‘equipment’ is more important than our own team of professionals leading the work?” Smolinski said. “At the same time, we have to attract and retain talent in a highly competitive job market. We believe the DIG platform will help us to be a better employer by offering tools and resources designed to help employees build their careers and achieve the skills they need to be successful. Simply put, it will make G2 a better company and offer tangible benefits for everyone involved.”

G2 Partners with MDOT on I-94 Project

G2 is providing design-build services for five bridges in a $160 million Calhoun County project that will result in 10 miles of the I-94 freeway being rebuilt.

Working with C.A. Hull, Anlaan Corp., and Fishbeck on the Michigan Department of Transportation’s I-94 reconstruction team, G2 Consulting will support the reconstruction of five existing bridges. As part of the effort, G2 is supporting the development of several temporary bridges and crossovers that need to be built to accommodate traffic during construction. Construction has commenced and is scheduled over the next two years.

“The Calhoun County project is a significant piece of the overall I-94 redevelopment effort,” said Jennifer Casey, P.E., project manager at G2 Consulting. “All of these highway/bridge projects are complex and each one offers its own unique set of challenges. The big challenge in this project is to deliver it while also maintaining a focus on regional mobility needs during the construction.”

G2 is approved as an “as needed” provider of geotechnical engineering services for MDOT. The firm has a breadth of recent experience providing various services on similar MDOT projects including I-75 Segment 3 in Oakland County, the Rouge River Bridge over I-75 in Detroit, I-96 Grand River bridge replacement in Lansing, I-696 Reconstruction, and the I-75 / M-43 interchange project to name a few.

“As infrastructure continues to be a focus at the national, state and local level, G2 takes pride in working with high caliber teams on marquee projects like Calhoun County,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., a principal at G2. “These are incredibly complex projects, but along with C.A. Hull, Anlaan Corp., and Fishbeck, we have the team, the experience and the expertise to anticipate key challenges and address them in an intelligent and efficient way to minimize short-term disruptions while building long-lasting solutions.”

G2 Ranked on Zweig Hot Firms List

Each year, Zweig Group’s Hot Firms List honors the fastest growing architecture, engineering, environmental, planning, construction and related professional services firms. Firms are ranked based on three-year growth in gross revenue, by both percentage and dollar growth. G2 Consulting Group, which is consistently included on the list, was ranked #86 of the nationwide firms.

“Growth is the ultimate measure of business success and the 2023 Hot Firms are leading the industry,” said Zweig Group CEO Chad Clinehens. “Focusing on culture, investing in marketing, and embracing change are just some of the things these firms are doing to drive growth.”

G2’s work has steadily grown across its service areas of geotechnical, environmental and construction services. G2 is working across many industries including infrastructure, commercial and industrial, energy, education, telecom and healthcare to name a few. The company has completed projects in more than 30 states.

“This list is a reflection of our strong relationships with clients, our people and partners, who have collectively helped us to be successful,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., G2 principal. “We’re proud of our accomplishments and will continue to work hard every day to deliver Smart. Results. Fast. to our clients.”

G2 and Partners Predict 2023 to be Strong Year

G2 Consulting Group and its partners anticipate a strong year for Michigan’s construction industry as a number of funding programs combine to allow the state to address many of its most critical infrastructure needs.

“In Michigan, there’s no shortage of work to be done – the difference is that in the next few years, there’s also the funding available to do it,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., principal at G2 Consulting Group in Troy… READ MORE.

Helping to Connect America’s 5G Network

G2 is experiencing robust activity in its core cellular tower services as a result of the continued deployment of 5G networks nationwide and the recent $65 billion federal investment to bring additional cellular and fiber services to underserved areas.

Despite a cumbersome launch, 5G rollout has greatly accelerated over the past two years with all major carriers now offering some level of 5G service. As new towers are erected, or as 5G capabilities are added to existing towers, G2 works with a host of clients to provide engineering and environmental services to ensure sites meet the local, state, and federal regulations.

“As the 5G rollout continues, we’re living in a world where a single tower may support multiple carriers, multiple technologies and an array of equipment,” said Anthony Poisson, P.E., from G2’s Chicago area office. “Increasing the tower load requires careful engineering due diligence and may trigger additional permitting and permissions, all areas where G2 is uniquely qualified to help as we continue to work with telecom clients nationwide.”

Poisson suggests the following as due diligence best practice:

1) Ground conditions: Understanding the geotechnical conditions on-site is critical for cellular towers. Not only do you have to ensure the tower foundation is stable, owners and carriers also have to understand how adding or subtracting weight will impact the structural capacity of the tower and foundations. G2 has provided geotechnical investigations and foundation mapping services across the county to provide the information required for design of new tower foundations and analysis of existing foundations.

2) Regulatory environment: Although the Federal Communication Commission governs much of cellular tower regulation, the myriad of other local, state, federal and tribal authorities laws are equally important. This includes the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) which created strict rules to govern call tower ecological impact.  G2 has nearly 30 years of experience on cellular projects and can help clients untangle the complex web of regulations.

3) Macro towers: Many tower companies and/or carriers are upgrading existing towers with 5G capabilities, effectively integrating new infrastructure into the current network. It’s important to note that these existing cell towers may also continue transmitting 4G signals and contain other hardware for respective service areas. Integrating the new tech requires careful coordination.

4) Small cell: In addition to towers, 5G coverage requires carriers to add at least 250,000 new small cell sites nationwide. Though these small cell technologies perform similar functions, they’re not your typical cell tower. While most current cell towers are large, freestanding structures, the small cell “towers” required by 5G are much smaller devices that can be mounted on existing infrastructure like traffic lights, lampposts, rooftops or other appropriate spot in urban spaces where licensing and construction issues can be particularly difficult.

5) Securing older equipment: With all the talk of new technologies, it’s easy to forget that many towers have been around for 25 years or more and subject to all sorts of weather and environmental conditions.  Further, most of the tower equipment is located at or near the tower’s highest point.  This “pressure at the top” cause structural stress over time. Tower companies need to shore up these older sites both to bring them into current code and to ensure they can safely accommodate the new equipment.

“5G is an exciting technology often delivering 20x speeds to help America keep up with its data demands. G2 works with telecom companies as they navigate the challenges to ensure a smooth, safe and efficient implementation, both to satisfy immediate need while also protecting the environment and safety within and adjacent to the tower areas,” Poisson said.

Specializing in “everything below the ground,” G2 prides itself in finding practical solutions to complex problems and delivering ‘Smart. Results. Fast.’ The company has completed thousands of telecom projects across the county and has the expertise to make your project a success.

Car Wash Operators: Look before you leap into new construction

The car wash industry continues to see unprecedented investment from both private equity and established operators finding themselves under increased pressure to offer state-of-the-art convenient facilities and services. Of course, for cash washes, the facility itself is only as strong as the pavement on which it is built.

“Cash washes are particularly hard on their pavement,” said Anthony Poisson P.E., project manager at G2 Consulting Group, a nationally recognized geotechnical, environmental and construction services firm. With the increased investment, G2 finds itself working with more car washes around the country. “Water and chemicals are primary drivers of pavement deterioration, especially when the weather gets cold, which, incidentally, is a particularly busy time at car washes.”

A geotechnical inspection or, in layman’s terms, an underground study on the property where the new construction work is being done, can identify problems in the soil and lead to the right pavement strategies before any actual construction begins. It’s especially important for soils which will be exposed to a lot of water.

“As we say, pavement always follows what’s below,” said Poisson. “If you don’t create the right approach from the start, your project will likely suffer from cracking, potholes, inadequate drainage, and other deterioration that may have been avoidable. Conversely, if you have the right study, you may be able to save cost on the actual implementation both immediately and in the long-term.”

Poisson suggests the following best practices before starting your project:

  • Phase I ESA: Due Diligence required by local government and/or lending institutions, a Phase I ESA study helps owners understand environmental impacts.
  • Geotechnical investigation: Whether concrete or asphalt is used for new or reconstruction projects, repairing is always an expensive endeavor. A geotechnical inspection is a critical first step to make sure it’s done right. Soil borings provide underground conditions to assist in appropriate design.
  • Pavement engineering: After reviewing laboratory results, we’ll help owners plan and design the best pavement solution for the specific location. Value engineering methods help find opportunities to meet site needs while keeping costs down.
  • RFP preparation: Support car wash owners in preparation of a construction RFP bid package with technical specifications for the pavement contractors. This ensures that all bids are consistent, apples-to-apples, to aid in contractor selection and, ultimately, ensure the job is done right.
  • Construction services: Monitor construction activity and accomplish on-site materials testing.

“The cost of a geotechnical study will likely be an incredibly small percentage of the overall project cost but it’s hugely important to ensure the project is done right and to avoid unnecessary problems. It’s amazing how many times car wash owners skip this critical first step and cost themselves tremendous headaches – and dollars – when they have to constantly fill cracks and potholes or even need to deconstruct and rebuild,” Poisson said.

According to industry data, winter is the busiest season for car washes, many of which use in excess of 4,000 gallons a water a day. The constant freeze-thaw cycle can be extraordinarily difficult on the subsoil, which eventually manifests itself as deterioration of the pavement itself.

Specializing in “everything below the ground,” G2 Consulting prides itself in finding practical solutions to complex problems and delivering ‘Smart. Results. Fast.’ The company has completed dozens of car wash projects in the past two years alone working across the Midwest and in select southern states including Florida and Texas.

Meet G2’s New Business Development Representative

Mr. Liam Sundling, an environmental engineering consultant, has joined G2 Consulting Group’s (G2) Chicagoland office as a Business Development Representative. In this newly created role, Liam will be working closely with G2’s Illinois-based project managers to develop leads and opportunities, assist with proposals and presentations, and coordinate promotional efforts.

Liam graduated from the University of New Hampshire in 2019 with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Engineering. Upon graduation, he relocated to Chicago, first working in engineering sales and then more recently serving as an environmental consultant. During that time, Liam gained a strong understanding of the A/E/C industry, including client needs and account acquisition. He will be a resource for our G2 team and clients.

“I’m excited to be a part of the G2 family,” Sundling said. “G2 has an excellent reputation and client service track record. I look forward to working with the team and helping the company continue to grow and expand its services.”

Liam is hitting the ground running with plans to attend several events in the A/E/C industry over the next month including the upcoming Lincoln Park Chamber of Commerce Networking Extravaganza, BIACG (Building Industry Association of Greater Chicago) Annual Women in Construction Panel, and the SMPS Southeast Michigan Markitect event.

Outside of the office, Liam volunteers with One Tail at a Time, a non-profit animal rescue and shelter in Chicago. He previously competed nationally in speed climbing (timed rock climbing) and has more recently taken up sand volleyball and golfing.

We are thrilled to have Liam join the G2 team!

Michigan Municipalities: Spring Runoff Causes Slope Stabilization Concern

As Michigan’s winter turns to early spring rains, municipalities need to keep a watchful eye on erosion control and slope destabilization possibilities around rivers, roadways, commercial sites and any site where excess water and loose soil conditions could trigger unwanted soil movements.

G2 Consulting Group, a Troy-based leader in geotechnical, environmental, and construction engineering services, works with communities, state agencies, commercial property owners and homeowners on preventative slope stabilization designs, and, when necessary, remediation efforts to repair failures.

“Snowmelt and spring rains are the two most common causes of soil erosion on Michigan slopes,” said Mark Smolinski, P.E., G2 principal. “Since slopes are common around important natural and made-made environments, it’s important to monitor and plan for a potential destabilization event, where soil can easily spill into waterways, onto roads, or even impact commercial and residential structures.”

G2 Consulting Group works with clients across all stages of slope management, often beginning with a risk assessment and analysis to help property owners identify problem areas. Slope stabilization efforts run the gamut, from easy and low cost to more complex engineering projects:

  • Slope geometry: When there’s available land nearby, one of the most cost effective solutions is simply to remove soil from the slope, thereby lessening the severity of the slope and the likelihood of a slide.
  • Water drainage: Since water is a primary trigger of destabilization events, drains and culverts can be installed to improve soil conditions.
  • Soil improvement: Soil conditions can also be improved mechanically through compaction, mixing and other remedies or chemically by adding cement or other aggregates.
  • Natural slope support: Plants, bushes, and trees can be planted, with their root structures significantly aiding stabilization while also enhancing natural beauty.
  • Engineered slope support: Ranging from simple netting and geosynthetic reinforcements to more complex implementation of anchors, piles, and retention walls, G2 offers solutions for even the most severe and perilous terrain.

“It’s impossible to reinforce all slopes in the state, and we know many city managers will wake up to news of a slope failure in their area,” Smolinski said. “In those cases, we’re able to respond quickly, assess the problem and identify remedies that make the most sense at the particular site.”

G2 Consulting Group has more than 30 years working on Michigan slopes, from investigating subsurface conditions, performing visual surveys of slopes, and providing design solutions to prevent and remediate slope erosion or global slope failure. Please contact G2 to learn more.

Michigan’s Top Engineering and Surveying Projects Recognized at Annual ACEC/M Excellence Awards Gala

LANSING, MI – The American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan (ACEC/M) recently honored firms for engineering and surveying excellence during the association’s annual Engineering and Surveying Excellence Awards Gala. On March 19, design professionals and guests gathered at the Inn at St. Johns in Plymouth to recognize outstanding Michigan engineering and surveying projects from the past year, as well as engineering professionals who have significantly contributed to the profession. The ACEC/M Awards Program recognizes outstanding efforts of professional design firms to solve clients’ needs through exceptional projects and offers the opportunity to showcase the year’s best engineering and surveying achievements to an audience of peers, clients and decision makers at all levels.

“The knowledge and expertise that filled the room on Saturday was astounding! The projects engineered by private sector firms have a profound effect on the quality of life for all Michigan residents. Their efforts result in quality roads and bridges, safe drinking water, and a clean environment for people to live, work and play,” said Ronald Brenke, PE, ACEC/M Executive Director.

This year’s most prestigious award – the Engineering Eminent Conceptor Award – went to OHM Advisors (Livonia) for the Brandenburg Park Shoreline Restoration Project in Chesterfield Township, which addressed a failing seawall while increasing the diversity of the shoreline habitat. The result provides community members with increased recreational and educational opportunities and renewed connections to an improved, diverse ecosystem.

Six firms were honored with an Engineering Honorable Conceptor Award for their work on the following:

  • HNTB Michigan, Inc. (Detroit) – I-375 Reconstruction Study Project in Detroit for the Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Hubbell, Roth & Clark, Inc. (Bloomfield Hills) – Recreating Conventional project in Sterling Heights for the Macomb County Public Works Commissioner’s Office
  • OHM Advisors (Livonia) – Baldwin Road Reconstruction in Orion Township for the Road Commission of Oakland County and Orion Township
  • Prein&Newhof (Grand Rapids) – Walker Avenue Bridge Removal for the City of Walker
  • SME (Shelby Township) – Beekman on Broadway in Ann Arbor for Morningside Group
  • The Mannik & Smith Group, Inc. (Detroit) – Robert C. Valade Park in Detroit for the Detroit Riverfront Conservancy

Engineering Merit Awards were presented to:

  • Abonmarche Consultants, Inc. (Benton Harbor) – Asset Management Leads to Community Sustainability project for the City of Benton Harbor
  • AECOM (Grand Rapids) – Whites Bridge Road over the Flat River in Keene Township for the Whites Bridge Historical Society and Ionia County Road Department
  • C2AE (Gaylord) – Railroad Square Revitalization Project for the Village of Kalkaska
  • Fleis & VandenBrink (Grand Rapids) – Taking Water Sampling to New Heights in Ann Arbor for Gelman Sciences, Inc.
  • Fleis & VandenBrink (Grand Rapids) – Transforming Old Runway into a New Roadway in Summit Township for the Jackson County Department of Transportation
  • G2 Consulting Group (Ann Arbor) – Revere Dock Seawall Design in Troy for Revere Dock, LLC
  • HDR (Ann Arbor) – Thompson State Fish Hatchery Renovation in Manistique for the Michigan Department of Natural Resources
  • Matteo Engineering & Consulting, LLC (Washington Township) – Frankenmuth Levee Improvements for the City of Frankenmuth
  • NTH Consultants, Ltd. (Northville) – Landfill Leachate PFOA and PFOS Statewide Study for the Michigan Waste and Recycling Association
  • Wightman (Allegan) – Cassopolis Transformation Project for the Village of Cassopolis

This year’s Surveying Eminent Conceptor Award went to Surveying Solutions, Inc. (Standish) and Fishbeck (Grand Rapids) for their Blue Water Bridge: Lighting up the Bridge with LiDAR project for the Michigan Department of Transportation. Surveying Solutions and Fishbeck completed data collection for the resurfacing and electrical improvements of the Eastbound Bluewater Bridge. Multiple LiDAR collection methods were used including a Terrestrial 3D Tripod Scanner and Mobile LiDAR scanners on both an SUV and a boat to capture the entire bridge simultaneously.

A Surveying Honorable Conceptor Award was presented to Spicer Group, Inc. (Saginaw) for the Multi-Sensor Data Fusion Supports Dam Restoration project for the Four Lakes Task Force.

Surveying Merit Awards were presented to:

  • ROWE Professional Services Company (Flint) – I-196 Grand River Bridges project in Walker for the Michigan Department of Transportation
  • Spalding DeDecker (Rochester Hills) – Detroit Zoo Survey for the Detroit Zoological Society

The Board Design Award went to AECOM (Grand Rapids) for their board designed to tell the story of the Whites Bridge Road over the Flat River project.
This year’s ACEC/M Vernon B. Spalding Leadership Award was presented to Amy L. Trahey, PE, of Great Lakes Engineering Group to honor her outstanding leadership roles in ACEC and several community organizations. The ACEC/M Felix A. Anderson Image Award was presented to Paul C. Ajegba, PE, of the Michigan Department of Transportation for his actions and contributions to enhance the image of the profession.

The Eminent and Honorable Conceptor award winners are eligible to compete at the National ACEC engineering competition in Washington, DC. For more information on the projects and award winners, please contact ACEC/M at 517.332.2066 or visit their web site at www.acecmi.org.

The American Council of Engineering Companies of Michigan is the voice of Michigan’s engineering industry. Council members – numbering over 100 firms throughout the state – are engaged in a wide range of engineering/architectural/surveying works that propel the state’s economy and enhance and safeguard Michigan’s quality of life. These works allow people to drink clean water, enjoy a healthy life, take advantage of new technologies, and travel safely and efficiently. The Council’s mission is to contribute to Michigan’s prosperity and welfare by advancing the business interests of member firms.